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Mr. PC - Austin, TX - A local faith-based consultancy

Thank you for your interest in Mr. PC.  You can reach us at 512-323-5343 or via e-mail at: dave@mrpcaustin.com.

We started our business here in Austin, Texas in 1997 with the goal of providing outstanding computer consulting, repair and networking services.  We specialize in small to medium sized business networks and cloud computing.  In addition, we perform onsite in-home repairs for residential clients. Since the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have augmented our remote repair capabilities and offer automated maintenance and Help Desk solutions too. 

In keeping with our philosophy of giving back to the local community, we work with a number of larger non-profit groups in the Austin area, supporting them in their missions by providing quality computer services at prices which they can afford.  In addition, we refurbish a large number of donated computers each year, getting them into the hands of underprivileged children, churches and worthy charities.

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